Frequently Asked Questions

The typical questions & answers

How do I adopt a pet from Sarge’s?

If you see a pet that you like on our website or in our listings, you can contact Sarge’s by phone or email to find out more about it. If it sounds like the right pet for you, please submit an adoption application HERE. You can either do that online or you can visit the office and fill out a paper application. Office staff or a volunteer adoption coordinator will contact you to follow up. Arrangements will be made for you to meet the pet and if all goes well, take your new pet home. We do adoptions every day of the week – not just on Saturdays!

Why does Sarge’s prioritize accepting Haywood County shelter animals into the rescue program?

Since the Haywood County Animal Shelter has to take in so many unwanted or lost pets, they are frequently filled to capacity and must euthanize those that have been there longest to make room for more. We rescue as many animals as we can from the shelter because when they filled to capacity, they must make hard choices regarding euthanasia.

How do I become a Sarge’s foster home?

Please fill out a volunteer application to start the process of learning more. Our foster homes save lives by making space in the adoption center to pull more animals.

How can I find it a new home for a pet that I can’t keep or a stray that I found?

If you’ve been taking care of a stray animal, the first thing to do is try and find its owner. Some of these same methods can be used to find a new home for a pet that you can no longer keep:
• Please call the Haywood County Animal Shelter at (828) 456-5338 to do a “found animal” report.
• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Social media is a powerful tool for finding a pet’s owner.
• Have a veterinarian check for a microchip! The Haywood County Animal Shelter and Sarge’s can also scan for a chip.
• Put an ad in the newspaper
• Put an ad on this website for lost/found pets:
• Put posters in local veterinarians’ offices, the Haywood County Animal Shelter and other locations in your neighborhood
• You can post a listing on

Do you offer a low-cost spay/neuter program?

No, but Haywood Spay/Neuter does! Please check or call (828) 452-1329.