Donations in Honor and in Memory

January 1, 2015 thru December 31, 2015


Mary Pat Thompson in honor of Jason & Tiffany Pimental and Family
The Catholic Women’s Circle in honor of Bonnie Mango
Anonymous in honor of Cooper Hayes on his 3rd birthday
Dr. & Mrs Paul B Wood in honor of Jim Ray’s Birthday
Merrilee Reid in honor of her mom, Merrilee Dulaney
K&J of Wnc Inc in honor of Paul & Margaret Rathbone’s 51st Anniversary
Ruby Maloney in honor of “Babette” Stivers
Janie & David Goldberg donation in honor of Coby & Penny Jacoby
Mathias Serwas in honor of Dr. Conrad and Staff
Janet Passapae-Sauer in honor of Gary Passapae’s birthday
Nancy Beeker in honor of Dr. Beth Miller
Marcia Goldstein in Honor of Remi
Marcia Goldstein in honor of “Izzy”
David and Thorunn Ivey in honor of Laura Ivey
Pamela Udall in honor of Wuzbug
Stan and Peggy Smith in honor of Vicki L. O’Mara
Donna Moore in honor of Andrea Cyr
Shannon Putnam in honor of Randy and Linda Cunningham
Lee & Jane Faircloth in honor of “Charlie” Morris, “Lucy” Helton, and “Santee” Davis
James and Ruth Coward in honor of Linda Page and Bo Coward
Donation in honor of “Oliver” Eglinton
– Robert Smith
– Dale & James Eglinton
– John & Rita Miller
– Tammy Murphy
– Aida Beasley
– Meghan Chapman
– William Eglinton
-Thomas P Eglinton
Bruce and Carole Larivee in honor of Pam Messer and Mark Baily
Victoria Hargreaves in honor of “Wally” Moreland
Carol & Stephen Puldy in honor of Farey Sterling and Max & Ernie Blevins
Roberta & William Murphy in honor of Michael & Diana Ritter
Deborah Schusler in honor of Candi Dragonetti
Daniel & Sally Smith in honor of brother Bill Wotzak
Lora Brown in honor of Gavin Brown from his children, grandchildren and all the furbabies
Janet Passapae-Sauer in honor of Gary and Gunner Passapae from Janet, Beth & Katie
Marilyn and James Barrett in honor of “Teenie”, “Teddy”, “Jimbo”, and Nancy Bulluck
Diane Nabors in honor of “Bailey” & “Baxter”
Claudia Bachand donation in honor of “Sam”
From her sons & daughters in honor of Janice Graf
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ottie in honor of Jason, Jess, Jonah, and Julia Ottie
Denise & Harold Clark in honor of your sweet angels “Chloe” and “Piper


Beverly Brown in memory of Jared Bullock
Susan Crafton in memory of “Dexter” Staiger
In memory of James Bernard Coward
– Rosa Chrismon
– Michael Summerlin
– Barbara Colwell
Donna McCracken in memory of “Painted by Pzazz” (horse)
Susan Crafton in memory of “Sydney” Staiger
In memory of “Felle” Heliig
– Nancy Bulluck
– Peggy Heilig
Joan Irwin in memory of Buddy
In memory of “Hudson” Rohman
– Kjell Pedersen
– Stephen & Vanessa Bryson
Patti & Lee Ensley in memory of Jimmy Duckett
Jason Arnold in memory of “Lucky” Groffsky
In memory of “Circles” Gibson
– Bulluck, Nancy
– Michael & Diana Ritter
Kitty Sanderson in memory of “Stinker”
Jonathon Elementary School Staff in memory of Jared Bullock and in honor of his mother, Rhonda
In memory of “Oliver” Bulluck
– Doyle Teague
– Laura Ivey
– Marilyn and James Barrett
– Michael & Diana Ritter
– Judy Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hanson in memory of Bill Miller
Anonymous in memory of “Holly Marie”
Ernie & Sara Porter in memory of “Star” Leatherwood
Tish O’Connor & Sue Libera in memory of Bernice Kaminski
Tish O’Connor & Sue Libera in memory of “Shelia”
Charles & Rita Mathews in memory of your son, Mitchell Mathews
Gary Smith & Sarah Jane League in memory of Elizabeth Haynes
Betty & Bruce Booher in memory of Tracey Duke McLaughlin
Nancy Bulluck, in memory of “Gracie”
In memory of Jan Dalton Pressley
– Sonja Michels
– Deborah Lunsford
– Nell Ray
– Ronald & Jayne Miller
– Jennifer Shuping
– Jim & Fran LeRoy
– Timothy Revis
– Maggie Valley Fire & Rescue
– Maggie Valley Sanitary District
– Gary & Terri Taylor
– Martin Sohovich
– Bruce and Carole Larivee
– Philip & Karin Ferguson
– Helen & Jerry Tomlinson
– Denise Dunlap
– Jim & Erma Bond & Dot Gardner
– Kathy & Daniel Sherrill
– James & Beverly Knight
– James Miller
– Rachel Lewis
– Kimberly Rademaker
Robert Blackburn in memory of Jan Pressley and Patricia H. Smathers
Nancy Downey in memory of “Lucy” Nathan
Tish O’Connor & Sue Libera in memory of “Charlie” Thompson
Linda Klop in memory of Maggie” Painter
Nancy Downey in memory of “Hunter” McKeon
Kitty Reynard in memory of “Matisse” Del Bosque
Anonymous in memory of “Otis” Woodberry
In memory of Carol Cunningham Kirkpatrick
– Ridgerunner Miata Club
– Tami & Ray Dennis
– Janice Ulmer
Sophia Humpidge in memory of “Bella” Owen
Ronald Dixon in memory of Rachael Harrison
John Barrett in memory of “Watson” Lyon
Bonnie Gardner in memory of “Bev & “Amber”
Marcia Goldstein in memory of “Scout” Stein
In memory of George Farling
– Sophia Humpidge
– Mary June & Bob Burwell
– R.E. Cummings
– Ginger Szenas
– Gail & John Dusenberry
– Judy Ross
Sue Baldwin in memory of Lisa Ann Davis
David Wills in memory of “Lily” and “Kia” Hill
Phyllis Lunsik in memory of “Rain” Lunsik
Continental Contractors, Inc. in memory of Cecilia Federico
In memory of “Maya” Viau
– Erin Jennings
– Sarah Jane League
– Barbara Singer
– Lorraine & Alden Robinson
– Jennifer Smith
– Nancy Bulluck
– Laura Ivey
– Carol & Paul Viau
– Robert Viau
– Joshua Viau
Elizabeth Chatham in memory of Ernie Pitts
Ambria Smith in memory of Jerry & Phyllis Ray
Donation in memory of John Anauo
– Todd Licking
– Kristen Schroeder
– David Stromalski
– Winter Basille
– Robin Koppenhaver
– Mark Ollig
– Sandra Matson
Jason Leatherwood in memory of his pet
Gail Woodward in memory of “Morris”, “Lady” & “Snoopy”
Harry & Sandra Coates in memory of Ms. Betty Lee
Barbara & Victor Stiles in memory of Cynthia Henderson
Nancy Rhoades in memory of “Black Rose”
Mel Brace in memory of “Too Many To Mention”
Susan Gissendaner in memory of “Mat” Rywant
Linda Hart in memory of George Loomis
Skeeter & Susie Curtis in memory of “Miss “Priss”